Prize Protection

Safe, secure, and compliant. So, users can Just be fans.

We understand the importance of customer trust with regards to prizes and payouts which is why the FanUp uses the top industry standard in prize protection; including an Escrow Account with Chase Bank, and additional security with PayPal Business Pro.

FanUp Customer Deposits and Player winnings are held in a separate, segregated bank account held by FanUp Players, LLC, the special purpose entity for FanUp. This Special Purpose Entity was created in compliance with various states’ fantasy sports legislation to ensure protection of consumer funds. The segregated account is established and held in trust for the benefit and protection of authorized FanUp players. Withdrawals will be made from this segregated account, and checks issued may bear the name FanUp Players, LLC.

FanUp Players, LLC funds do not belong to FanUp, Inc., nor are the funds available to creditors, except for players whose funds are held in such account. FanUp and FanUp Players, LLC are forbidden to commingle funds and should read and function as two separate legal entities.

FanUp also partners with the industry leaders in payment processing, compliance, risk, and banking to ensure your optimum protection and delivery of payments and prizes.